Great gifts for that special someone in your life who lives to garden! 


The handles will be wooden and burned by hand with the phrasing of your choice (see last picture with the available phrases and font choices). Options mostly are written for women, but they can be altered for men as well. 


This is the listing for the set, but each tool can be purchased separately as well. 




- Trowel
- Weeder 
- Cultivator 
- Transplanter
- All will be woodburned on one side with the saying of your choice. 



-Handles are made of sturdy wood, ensuring a quality grip

-Heads are made of carbon steel giving optimum strength. 

-For personalization info: 
Additional side can be personalized with names or dates. 
"Mom" or "Grandma" can also be replaced with names or other relations as well, such as Dad, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and specific names. 
***If you are just changing the names or relations in the phrases, it will be included as "one side"

Woodburned Garden Tool Set

  • Handle: Sturdy Wood for quality grip 

    Handle Length: 5.2"

    Head: Carbon Steel

    Head Length: 8.58"