A cute his and hers set! "There's always time for a glass of wine" and "No working during drinking hours". 


They both have slots at the top. The wine one comes with a slot for you to insert corks and the 'no drinking' one comes with a slot at the top that is wide enough to insert bottle caps. 


These would be great gifts for a collector! 


The 'no drinking' one also has a ribbon where I would cut out the lettering of their name and make it so it would say their bar, such as "Dave's bar" (customize it below)


The wine one also has space at the bottom if you wanted to put in a special woman's name!


Font colors can also be changed if desired


Font color of wine shadowbox
Font color of second shadow box
  • Shadow boxes are 11" x 14". 

    I only use premium outdoor vinyl, which is on the outside of the box to avoid getting ruined from any possible residues.