For the nautical lover! This could be a great shadow box for the collector of seashells, seaglass, or other nautical items. Back does come out but if desired I can cut a hole in the top in order for you to easily drop things in. If you are planning on putting sand in there please contact me so I can get a shadow box where the back does not come off. 


This is personally my favorite shadow box and it is great decor to have around! 


Frame does come as black and with black font but that can also be changed to your desire. If you want a different symbol or phrasing that is similar, please contact me so I can place in your custom order! 


***Custom orders are welcomed!***


Please note that the seashells are not included! If you want me to get you some that are similar to the ones I have, add it in so I can get you some that will be shipped with the shadow box. You will have to put them in yourself! They rougly cost me about $15 to fill it up where I have it pictured in my box.

Love anchors the soul shadowbox

Frame Color
Other symbol to replace the anchor
  • Shadowbox come as 11" x 14"

    I only use premium outdoor vinyl which can withstand any water. 

    Will not come with seashells, but I can send you some that you would need to place inside yourself for additional cost. Howver this would be great to place sand in or your own collection of seashells or seaglass.